Importing from the Vocera Voice Server

After units and staff members/groups are configured on the Vocera Voice Server, you can import them to the CWE server.

The administrator must import the Vocera data file, which consists of Vocera staff assignments.

Note: Complete staff assignment in the Vocera Voice Server Administration Console and Staff Assignment before importing the data file.

Use the following process to import sites (stored in the CWE server as Hospital sites), units, users, and user groups from the Vocera Voice Server and assign users/sites as primary or secondary nurse to beds, or define roles for them.

  1. Copy vsa_data.txt from the Vocera Voice Server, which is generated at %Vocera Install Directory%\data\applications\staffassignment. Paste this into a machine from which the CWE Console is accessible.
  2. Log into the CWE Console and go to the Configuration section.
  3. On the Configuration page, click Import, browse for vsa_data.txt, and click Import. This imports the units, groups, and staff assignments from the data file. The Vocera Site ID is considered a site in the CWE.