Reinstalling CWE

This section describes how to reinstall CWE 3.1.0. This information is useful if you have encountered any problem during configuration and want to start again with a fresh installation.

The CWE installer uses the registry information to detect that you have previously installed CWE 3.1.0. It uninstalls the existing version and installs a new version. Existing configuration changes are lost.

You must have met the required prerequisites before installing CWE. See Installing the Prerequisites for more information.

Important: When you reinstall CWE 3.1.0, any customizations that you have made to configuration files are lost. If you want to preserve any customizations to a configuration file, you must back up the configuration file before reinstalling. See Appendix: CWE Configuration Files for a list of configuration files for CWE services.
  1. Right-click the Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine installer file (VCWEInst.exe) and select Run as administrator to launch the installer. The installer detects that you already have CWE 3.1.0 installed, and prompts whether you want to continue with removing Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine.
  2. Click Next if you want to remove CWE and reinstall it again. A confirmation dialog appears.
  3. Click Remove to launch the uninstaller and start uninstalling the existing copy of CWE. The Uninstall dialog appears.
  4. When uninstallation is complete, click Finish to close the installer. The Uninstallation complete dialog appears. This indicates that Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine has uninstalled successfully.
  5. After you have completed uninstallation, you must manually install CWE to continue reinstallation. See Installing CWE for more information on a step-by-step installation of CWE.