Before You Upgrade

Before upgrading, you must perform the following steps.

When you are upgrading, if the installer finds that version 3.0.1 of CWE is installed and you confirm that you want to upgrade, it stops all CWE 3.0.1 services and backs up the old setup in the same directory, that is [CWE_drive]:\Vocera_3.0.1.12.

By default, the existing database is upgraded, and the existing data is adjusted to reflect the database changes included in the upgrade.

Upgrading a CWE HA Cluster

Once you start the upgrade process on the first node of the HA cluster, the second node will also become nonfunctional. However, you need not stop any of the services. The second node will not work until it is also upgraded. Ensure that you upgrade the second node immediately after the first node is upgraded.

Note: Both the first and second nodes in a HA cluster will be down until at least the first node is upgraded successfully.