Verifying the Nurse Call Connector Configuration Folder

After you have installed CWE, you must update the nurse call connector configuration folder.

  1. In a fresh 3.1.0 installation, all tags are written in the configuration.xml file. You must update the template and normalizers in the nurse call connector to match the incoming TAP message. You must also check the port configuration and add the required port where the Nurse Call system will connect.
  2. During the upgrade process, the installer creates a complete MVisumAlerts backup in the MvisumAlerts directory at [CWE_drive]:\Vocera_3.0.1.12. Ensure that sufficient space available in the installation directory.

    While upgrading, the installer takes care to maintain the existing version of the nurse call connector configuration folder. This ensures that the templates and normalizer configured in CWE 3.0.1 will remain intact.