Installing CWE

This section describes how to install CWE 3.1.0.

You must have the required prerequisites before installing CWE. See Installing the Prerequisites for details.

  1. Right-click the Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine installer file (VCWEInst.exe) and select Run as administrator to launch the installer.

    The installer Welcome screen appears.

  2. Click Next to continue.

    The License Agreement screen appears.

    Select I accept the terms in the license agreement after you have read the license agreement. Click Print to print the license agreement.

  3. Click Next to continue.

    The Destination Drive screen appears.

    The default installation drive is C:\. To change the installation drive, browse to the drive that you want to use.

  4. Click Next to continue.

    The Database Server screen appears.

    • Browse or type the database server name in the dropdown field. Then enter that database server IP address (IPv4 format) in the CWE Database Server IP Address field. Only SQL server authentication is supported.
    • Type the login and password details of the system administration (sa) account for the SQL server.

    The database setup fails if you have typed the wrong server authentication.

  5. Click Next to continue.

    The Database User Credentials screen appears.

    Provide the database catalog name, login ID, password, and confirm the password in the respective fields.

    By default CWE_ will be displayed in the DB Catalog Name field. You can modify the database catalog name as per your requirement.

    In this example, regd_user is the system name. Hence CWE_regd_user login is displayed automatically.

    In HA mode, when you are configuring the database for node 2, you can select the database name already configured for node 1 from the dropdown list.

  6. Click Next to continue.
    The Manage Existing Databases screen appears.

    Select the required option.

  7. Click Next to continue.
    The Host Server Credentials screen appears.

    Specify the host server details:

    • Type the IP address of the host server.
    • Type the username and password for the user that is to be given administrator privileges.
  8. Click Next to continue.
    The Voice Server Settings screen appears.

    Provide the Vocera Voice Server information:

    • Type the client ID to use for the Vocera Voice Server, and type its server IP address. If you are setting up a high-availability environment, this client ID must be unique for each instance of CWE.
    • If SSL is enabled in the Vocera Voice Server, select the Enable SSL for Voice Server connectivity option.
  9. Click Next to continue.

    The Hospital Names screen appears.

    Specify identifying details for the hospital.

  10. Click Next to continue.

    The Server Settings for Email Sender screen appears.

    Provide the sender email settings:

    • Type the sender email address.
    • To provide sender email settings, provide a valid SMTP server name for the host, and provide the port number that is used by this SMTP server.
    • If you want to enable SMTP encryption, select the Enable SMTP Encryption check box.
  11. Click Next to continue.

    The Email Recipient Settings screen appears.

    Note: This screen appears only if the email sender settings was enabled in the previous screen.

    Provide the email address of the recipient(s). All notifications from the server will be sent to this email address. The recipient will receive email messages containing daily server health reports.

  12. Click Next to continue.

    The Ready to Install the Program screen appears.

  13. Click Install to begin the installation.

    During installation, do not close any installer windows that appear.

  14. Click Finish to complete the installation.

    The Installation complete screen appears.

    This indicates that Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine has installed successfully.

  15. See Post-Installation for information on post-installation deployment.