Appendix: CWE Configuration Files

This table shows the location of the configuration file for each CWE service.

Replace installdir with the file path of the folder in which you have installed CWE. (By default, this is C:\Vocera.)



Vocera Alarm Clean Up Service installdir\mVisum Alerts\Mvisum Clean Up Service\MVisumCleanUp.exe.config
Vocera Alarm Escalator installdir\mVisum Alerts\MVisum Message Escalator\MVisumAlertEscalator.exe.config
Vocera Alarm Message Generator installdir\mVisum Alerts\MVisum Message Generator\MVisumMessageGenerator.exe.config
Vocera Alarm Monitoring installdir\mVisum Alerts\MVisum Monitoring\MVisumMonitoring.exe.config
Vocera Alarm Server Health Monitor installdir\mVisum Alerts\MVisum Server Health Monitor\MVisumServerHealthMonitor.exe.config
Vocera Archiver Service installdir\mVisum Alerts\MVisumArchiver\MVisumArchiver.exe.config
Vocera Nurse Call Connector installdir\mVisum Alerts\Vocera Nurse Call Connector\NurseCallConnector.exe.config
Vocera VS Interface installdir\mVisum Alerts\MVisum VS Interface\mVisumVSInterface.exe.config