Creating Beds From Alarms

If CWE receives an alarm from a bed that is not in its list of configured beds, you can add it to the list. This is useful when you are setting up a CWE environment.

To add a bed to the configured bed list:

  1. In the Configuration section, select Beds.
  2. Click Add Beds For Alerts.
  3. From the Select Site and Select Unit dropdown lists, select the site and unit for which you want to view the bed list.
  4. Click Search. The Available pane now displays the list of unconfigured beds for this unit.
  5. To add a bed, click in the bed number in the Available column and click .
  6. To remove a bed, click in the bed number in the Selected column and click .
  7. Click Save to add the selected beds and return to the Beds configuration screen.