Configuring the Archive Service

The Vocera Archiver service saves old database records in CSV format, and also saves the JSON files that contain alarms that have been processed. This information is saved in a shared folder that you specify.

Before configuring the Vocera Archiver service, create a shared folder on any of the CWE server instances or on any other common system. Make sure that the shared folder that you create is accessible from all CWE instances. Use the user credentials provided during installation to create the shared folder.

To configure the Vocera Archiver service:

  1. Log into the CWE Console.
  2. Click Account Settings, and click the Miscellaneous tab.
  3. In the Archive Path field, set the archive path to the shared folder that you have just created.
  4. In the Archive Days field, type 3.
  5. In the Archive Cycle Cron Expression field, type the following:

    0 0 1 1/1 * ? *

    This instructs the archiver to perform an automatic backup at 1:00 am every morning.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Repeat these changes in each CWE instance.

Next, you must update the Vocera Archiver service configuration in Windows:

  1. In the Control Panel, select Services.
  2. Double-click Vocera Archiver Service to open this service.
  3. Click the Log On tab, and select the This account radio button. Specify your user credentials, and click OK.
    Note: You must use the user account credentials that has access to the archive folder. For example, if the archive path is a shared folder, only user accounts that have access to the shared folder are allowed.