Aborting an Upgrade

This topic describes the steps to be followed when you abort an upgrade.

When you are performing an upgrade from to 3.1.0 and if you abort the upgrade, then the CWE software rollback to the previous version will not be successful.


It is recommended to take a VM snapshot of CWE before the upgrade. This will be useful when you perform a rollback. In this case, the below steps will not be required.

During an upgrade, if you cancel the installation at the stage where backup of CWE has been taken and both CWE Services and Virtual Directory are removed by the installer, then rollback will not happen properly. Furthermore, CWE will not be in a usable condition.

To rollback the configuration properly, do the following:

  1. Delete the CWE / 3.1.0 database.
  2. Restore the CWE MVisumAlerts, MVisumInterface, MVisumNotification, MVisumPush databases backup.
  3. Install CWE again and select the option No when prompted to use the existing (restored) database.
  4. Stop all Vocera services.
  5. Stop IIS.
  6. Replace MVisumAlerts folder content with Vocera_3.0.1.12 backup folder.
  7. Start IIS.
  8. Start all Vocera services.