Importing and Deploying Channels

This topic describes the steps for importing and deploying the Mirth channels.

Mirth channels are exported and saved as an XML file. In order to deploy these channels in the Mirth server it needs to import and save the channel. The following section provides the steps to be followed to import these channels.

Importing an Existing Channel

If the channels are already configured and exported, then perform the following steps to import a channel:

Note: All three channels (HL7Receiver, JSONReceiver, and Monitor) must be imported and deployed in both the CWE servers.

After deployment, ensure that you uncheck the Store Message Data option in the Summary tab of the channel. This action ensures that the Mirth server will not store data in its database.

Deploying a Channel

After a channel is imported, it must be deployed. Following are the steps to deploy a channel: