Recreating a Repository

In the event that the repository reference file has been compromised, you can re-create the platform repository.

This information should be specified on the related adapter's Release Information page in the wiki. See Releases and navigate to the needed adapter (

  1. Verify that the adapter resides in a repository which is in '/etc/yum.repos.d/'.
  2. If the repolist or yum commands fail, verify that the file exists and try again. For example, use the following code to verify the repository exists on the Vocera Platform appliance:
    [tpx-admin@engage log]$ cat /etc/yum.repos.d/vocera.repo
  3. Verify the output appears as shown.
    # NOTICE: Only use the General Availability (platform-6.X-ga) repository for customer deployments.
    # Use of Controlled Release (platform-6.X-cr) or Software Quality Assurance (platform-6.X-sqa) in
    # accordance to process QOP-75-01 Production Work Order and History Record, contact your
    # manager for questions.