Configuring Vocera Platform for a Rauland-Borg Integration

Some configuration is required for the ResponderSync system to work with Vocera Platform.

Adapters send information to and receive information from the Vocera Platform, as well as monitor and collect data. Each adapter is configured to allow Vocera Platform to communicate with a specific type of resource and any devices that resource may control. For example, the Vocera ResponderSync Subscriber Adapter leverages the Rauland-Borg staff assignment data for clinical alerts.

The subscriber source name and URL must be configured correctly in the Vocera ResponderSync Subscriber Adapter in order for Vocera Platform to communicate properly with the staff assignment system. The facility must be configured correctly to match the facility setting of the locations for which staff assignment is being managed. In addition, the device mapping must be configured in the Managed Line Regex and Managed Device Vendors fields of the adapter for ResponderSync to manage the user-to-device mappings.

The Vocera Platform EMDAN solution integrates with the Rauland-Borg system via the Vocera ResponderSync Subscriber Adapter. See Configuring a Vocera ResponderSync Subscriber Adapter to access the configuration details.

Note: When a user is configured on multiple escalation levels, by default they will not get an update via XMPP since they are already considered part of the conversation. For example, where a Charge Nurse is assigned to two escalation levels, Primary and Tertiary, this user will only get the Primary alert and no subsequent notifications, including the Tertiary level alert when no other caregivers can accept the alert. However, recipients can be notified again in the case where the XMPP Send Alert rule is enabled and the Re-alert box is checked. See the XMPP Adapter Configuration Guide documentation for details.
Warning: When the facility uses Rauland-Borg ResponderSync for staff assignment, ResponderSync polling for assignment information may cause an inaccuracy in a Vocera Platform assignment. In a facility where hourly polling takes multiple minutes to complete, it is possible that an assigment made while the system is polling will not be received, resulting in an incorrect assignment until the next poll event updates the assignment information.