Navigating the Vocera Platform Adapters

Access the Adapters tab and use the filter or search tools to display a specific adapter.

This page is used by all the adapter guides, and therefore, the adapter used as an example here may not be the adapter that you are working with currently.

  1. Access the Vocera Platform Web Console and sign in with your system credentials.
  2. Select Settings > Adapters in the navigation menu.
    The Adapters page displays.
  3. Select an adapter to work with from the list displayed in the grid, or select the New Adapter Action option to create a new adapter.
    On the Adapters page you can identify adapters by their name or component name. The Enabled column (displaying a true or false status) indicates whether the adapter is active on the system, or disabled.
    The bottom row of the grid reports the number of adapters displayed, of the available adapters.
    The Filter Disabled box is checked by default, and displays only the enabled adapters that are configured on the Vocera Platform.
  4. Uncheck the Filter Disabled box to display all the adapters that have been installed, including those that are not currently enabled. The column title now displays All Adapters.
    The Filter Disabled box is checked by default.
  5. Enter a term in the Search field to locate a needed adapter on the system.
    The search field is identified by a text field with a magnifying glass icon. The search is performed on the Name and Component Name columns.
    When results are returned, the column header displays Adapters Search Results and an x icon allows you to clear the search field.