Recreating a Repository

In the event that the repository reference file has been compromised, you can re-create the platform repository.

This information should be specified on the related adapter's Release Information page in the wiki. See Releases and navigate to the needed adapter.

  1. Verify that the adapter resides in a repository which is in '/etc/yum.repos.d/'.
  2. If the repolist or yum commands fail, verify that the file exists and try again. For example, use the following code to verify the repository exists on the Vocera Platform appliance:
    [tpx-admin@engage log]$ cat /etc/yum.repos.d/vocera.repo
  3. Verify the output appears as shown.
    # NOTICE: Only use the General Availability (platform-6.X-ga) repository for customer deployments.
    # Use of Controlled Release (platform-6.X-cr) or Software Quality Assurance (platform-6.X-sqa) in
    # accordance to process QOP-75-01 Production Work Order and History Record, contact your
    # manager for questions.