Editing an Adapter

Edit an adapter that has been installed on the Vocera Platform.

This page is used by all the adapter guides, and therefore, the adapter used as an example here may not be the adapter that you are working with currently.
  1. Access the Vocera Platform Web Console and navigate to the adapters.
  2. Select the adapter to edit in the Adapters list.
  3. Select Edit in the adapter's menu.
    The Update Adapter page for the adapter displays.
  4. Edit the adapter's settings to revise the configuration as needed. See the adapter-specific configuration page for details on working with settings for this adapter.
    Select an empty field and begin typing, or select an existing value and type over it. To keep an existing value, do not edit that field.
  5. Select one of the options to exit the Update Adapter page. See Saving an Adapter for details.