Creating a New Adapter

Access the Vocera Platform Web Console to work with adapters, or create a new adapter when prompted in the package import process.

This page is used by all the adapter guides, and therefore, the adapter used as an example here may not be the adapter that you are working with currently.
  1. Access the Vocera Platform Web Console and navigate to the adapters.
  2. Select New Adapter in the Action menu on the Adapters page.
    The Create a New Adapter dialog displays.
  3. Complete the configuration fields.
    Name Description
    Component Name * Select the Component Name field dropdown arrow to display a list of the systems and devices that Vocera currently supports. Select the name of the adapter to create.
    Reference Name Enter a short descriptive name in the Reference Name field to uniquely identify an adapter instance. It may demonstrate the adapter function or other information; for example, Production adapter may differentiate a live adapter from a development or "sandbox" adapter.
    Enabled Select the Enabled check box to allow Vocera Platform to use the new adapter. Vocera ignores the adapter if this option is disabled.
  4. Select Upload Bundle in the Action menu to install a package on a Vocera Platform.
    Use the Upload Bundle feature to install when the adapter is not available in the Component Name dropdown list, and you have downloaded the needed adapter bundle to a storage location.
  5. Click on Browse to navigate to the bundle to install.
  6. Select one of the Action options to exit from the Upload a Bundle dialog.
    • Upload: Upload the selected bundle to the appliance.
    • Cancel: Close the Upload a Bundle dialog without making a change to the system.