Vocera Collaboration Suite Release Notes

Version for Android

Updated: November 1, 2019


The documentation for Vocera Collaboration Suite version 3.4.2 for Android is available online:

From this online help location, you can download the PDF version of the VCS 3.4.2 documentation.

What's Changed

This release includes the following important changes.

What's Changed in VCS 3.4.2

No changes to existing features in this release.

What's Changed in VCS 3.4.1

No changes to existing features in this release.

What's Changed in VCS 3.4.0

Android Requirements

Your Android device must be using a supported operating system to be able to run Vocera Collaboration Suite.

Note: You cannot use the Vocera Collaboration Suite app and the Vocera Secure Texting app on the same device.

Vocera offers the Zebra TC51-HC and MC40-HC as enterprise-class smartphone platforms for the Vocera Collaboration Suite. Built to withstand the demands of a highly mobile healthcare environment, these rugged, pocket-sized Android smartphone solutions improve healthcare staff productivity, communication and patient safety.

The TC51-HC is the newest of the Zebra smartphone platforms. It is lighter than the MC40-HC, has better weight distribution and a larger, higher resolution screen, and offers significant upgrades of processor speed, RAM, and storage.

Enterprise Devices

Enterprise Devices are those on which Vocera does extensive device performance testing for voice quality and wireless connectivity. They are recommended for use in an enterprise environment.

Android Models Supported

These devices or OS versions meet the minimum specifications for our product. Quality of experience may vary based on manufacturer and device model. Vocera support for these devices is on a reasonable effort basis.

Vocera recommends that you do not upgrade to a new OS version until it has been validated to work correctly with Vocera Collaboration Suite. You will receive a tech alert bulletin when a new version is validated.

What's New

This release includes the following new features and functionality.

What's New in VCS 3.4.2

No new features in this release.

What's New in VCS 3.4.1

No new features in this release.

What's New in VCS 3.4.0

The following dependencies exist:

What's Fixed

This release includes the following fixes.

What's Fixed in VCS 3.4.2

What's Fixed in VCS 3.4.1

What's Fixed in VCS 3.4.0

Known Issues

This release includes the following known issues and limitations for versions of the Vocera Collaboration Suite running on Android operating systems.