Setting Up a Voice PIN

Voice PIN authentication provides added security when an unauthorized user attempts to log in using your name or tries to play your messages.

You can record a 5 digit personal identification number (PIN) to securely log in or access your voice messages. You can choose any 5 numbers between the range of 0 to 9 to create a voice PIN.

The voice PIN authentication is not enabled by default. Your system administrator must enable the required security permissions to allow you to record a voice PIN.

Note: Your voice PIN proves your identity, similar to your email password or the ATM card PIN that you don't want to share with unauthorized users. As a security best practice, Vocera recommends that you record your voice PIN in an area where unauthorized users can not hear you.

Use the following commands to record and erase a voice PIN:

  • Record a Voice PIN
  • Erase a Voice PIN
  • Erase a PIN for Another User
After you record your voice PIN, the Genie prompts you to say your voice PIN to listen to your voice messages. If you have " Require authentication to login" permission enabled, then the Genie will prompt you to say your voice PIN to login.

The following table summarizes the commands for recording or erasing a voice PIN:

Action Recommendeed Voice Commands Alternative Forms
Record your Voice PIN

"Record a Voice PIN"

"Record my Voice PIN"
Erase your Voice PIN

"Erase Voice PIN"

"Erase my Voice PIN"
Erase the Voice PIN for another user

"Erase Voice PIN forJohn Smith."