Urgent Call Commands

If the system administrator has granted you the required permission on the Vocera server, you can issue an Urgent command that automatically breaks through to all recipients, regardless of what they are doing at the time.

You can make any of the following commands urgent:

Urgent commands are powerful—they break through to recipients even if they are in Do Not Disturb mode, are blocking calls, are forwarding all their calls, or are in the middle of another call or three-way conference. The badge or phone announces an urgent call or broadcast with a special ring tone, and it is automatically answered, even if the recipient has auto-answering turned off.

The following table shows you how to issue urgent commands.

Action Recommended Voice Commands Alternative Forms
Place an urgent call * "Urgently call Yukio Nakamura."

"Urgent call to Yukio Nakamura."

"Urgent call Yukio Nakamura."

Issue an urgent broadcast * "Urgently broadcast to Managers." "Urgent broadcast to Managers."
Initiate an urgent three-way conference call. * "Urgently conference James Madison and Mary Lamb." "Urgent conference James Madison and Mary Lamb."
Urgently add another party to a call *
Press the Hold/DND button to put your call on hold. Press the Call button to summon the Genie and say either of the following:
  • "Urgently invite Robin Hood. "

  • "Urgently call Robin Hood. "

"Urgent invite Robin Hood."

"Urgent call Robin Hood."