Troubleshooting Problems with Custom Reports

For custom reports to run successfully, you should have executed the following tasks correctly:


The following are common problems encountered while running custom reports:

Table 1. Troubleshooting Problems with Custom Reports



The report fails to generate, or you are prompted to install Adobe Flash player.

You have misconfigured a report parameter in the RPT file. To fix this problem, open the rpt file in the Crystal Reports, confirm the values defined for each parameter are correct. For example, if the report has a DateRange parameter, make sure the 'Allow Range Values' option for the parameter is set to TRUE.

When you generate a custom report and specify the report parameters, the report fails to generate and an HTML dialog box prompts for missing report parameters.

You have omitted parameters for the report in the customconfig.xml file. To fix the problem, edit the customconfig.xml file and configure all the parameters defined in the report.