The locations table stores data about access points and named locations. This data can be defined using the Locations screen of the Vocera server Administration Console. This table has a primary key based on the MACAddress column.

Table 1. locations table
Column Description

varchar(20) NOT NULL default '0'

The MACAddress column specifies the MAC address of the wireless access point with which the badge was most recently associated. Example value: 000f24e9dce0


varchar(50) NOT NULL default ''

The Location name column specifies the name of the location. Example value: The Lobby


varchar(50) default NULL

In a multi-site installation, the Site column specifies which Vocera site the location is associated with. In a single-site installation, the value is the literal string s-global.


int(1) unsigned zerofill default '0'

The DeletedFlag column indicates whether an entry has been deleted (0 = false).

Although the entity may be flagged as deleted, it is not purged from the database because historical data (that is, older report logs) may continue to reference it.