The incompletedata table stores data generated when a log file does not contain all the events of a Vocera transaction. For example, suppose a badge user initiates a call just before midnight and doesn't end the call until after midnight. Because Vocera automatically creates a new log file at midnight, the events for this call would be spread over two log files, and would end up in the incompletedata table when the Report server parses the Vocera server logs.

Incomplete data may also be generated if the log file stores more than 10,000 entries, or if the server is restarted while a transaction is in progress. This table has a primary key based on the TxMillis column.

Table 1. incompletedata table
Column Description

bigint(15) unsigned NOT NULL default '0'

The TxMillis column gives each row in the table a unique identifier. The value represents the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970 (a date specified for internal use by the report system). Because of the uniqueness constraint, it may not reflect the exact actual date and time of the event. See TxDateTime.


datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00'

The TxDateTime column stores the date and time of the event, accurate to the second.


varchar(20) default '0'

The Type column specifies the type of the badge transaction. A value of 0 specifies a call, a value of 1 specifies a broadcast, and a value of 2 specifies a Genie prompt.



The ReportData column stores the generated data.