How Report Server Works

This document describes the tables used by the Vocera Report Server to generate reports based on data gathered as people use the Vocera system. The Vocera server records events (for example, the start of a badge call, Genie prompts, the end of a call) in log files. The Report server parses these files into database tables and queries the tables to generate data for reports.

The following figure illustrates Report Server functionality. It shows how data is loaded from the Vocera Server into the Report Server database. Report definition files (including custom reports) are created using the Crystal Reports Designer. The Report Console generates reports.

Figure 1. Report Server diagram

The files that define Vocera reports (for example, DailySystemCallVolume.rpt) are installed by default in the \vocera\reports\Reports directory when you install the Vocera Report Server. To read and study these files as a basis for your own custom reports, you must also install Crystal Reports. See Installing Crystal Reports 2008 and MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.