The groups table stores data about Vocera groups. This data can be entered and edited via the Groups screen in the Vocera server Administration Console. This table has a primary key based on the GroupID column.

Table 1. groups table
Column Description

varchar(70) default NULL

Specifies the internal ID of a group.


varchar(50) NOT NULL default '0'

The GroupName column specifies the name of a group. Example values: Code Blue Group, Facilities


varchar(50) NOT NULL default ''

The Site column specifies the Vocera site with which a group is associated. In a single-site installation, this value is the literal string s-global.


varchar(100) default NULL

The CostCenter column stores a value that identifies the group's cost center (typically used for accounting purposes).


int(1) unsigned zerofill default '0'

The DeletedFlag column indicates whether an entry has been deleted (0 = false).

Although the entity may be flagged as deleted, it is not purged from the database because historical data (that is, older report logs) may continue to reference it.


mediumtext default NULL

Stores the user members of the group. The values are separated by a vertical bar ( | ).


varchar(50) default NULL

Stores the group's department. A group can have only one department or none.