Adding Custom Reports to the Vocera Report Console

Use the Crystal Reports designer to define a report's data source, select and group the data records to use, and format the report. After you define a report, you can add it to the Vocera Report Console to include with other Vocera Report Server reports.

Attention: Custom Report Server database tables are not supported. Custom database tables are not backed up or restored after an upgrade. Vocera supports only the database tables that are installed with Report Server.

For information about using Crystal Reports, see the separate Crystal Reports documentation.

To add a custom report to the Vocera Report Console:

  1. Use Crystal Reports to define the report definition file (*.rpt).

  2. Place the report definition file in the \vocera\reports\Reports\custom directory.

  3. Update the customconfig.xml file to include the new report in the Vocera Report Console. See Updating the customconfig.xml File.

  4. From the Windows Start menu, select Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. The Services window appears.

  5. Stop the Tomcat service and then start it again.

  6. Close the Services window.