Vocera Voice Server Integration

Vocera Voice Server to VMP integration enables Vocera Collaboration Suite users to make Calls and use other Vocera Voice Server capabilities from their devices.

Note: Vocera Voice Server is integrated with the platform as a connector and no additional licensing is required.

To configure the VMP Server to integrate with Vocera Voice Server, prepare the following:

Table 1. Vocera Voice Server configuration requirements
Configuration Requirement Description
Vocera Voice Server Software Requirements See VMP Software Requirements for information on software requirements.
Vocera Voice Server Credentials You must have administrator access to the Vocera Voice Server.
VMP Server IP Address You must have the VMP Server IP address.
Vocera User Email Address If using the default setting, make sure that each Vocera Voice Server user profile includes the user email address. Or see Synchronizing Using Vocera User ID and Active Directory for details on how to synchronize the Vocera User ID field with a field in the Active Directory source.

The following Vocera Voice Server components must be installed to use the VMP Server with Vocera Collaboration Suite: