Specifying Source Importing Options

When you are importing users from a source, you can use the source importing options to specify which users to import, enable VMP Web Console access, assign licenses, or email registration instructions.

To specify source importing options:

  1. If the Advanced Filters button is enabled, click it to display the advanced filtering options for this import source operation. These filters enable you to specify which users are to be imported from the source.
  2. In the Contact types pane, select the check boxes of the types of users that you want to import.
  3. Select Enable fields filtration to specify that only users that match the specified criteria are to be imported. In the list of fields displayed, select the filtration criteria that you want to use.
  4. Click OK to close the Advanced Filters dialog box.
  5. Click Licenses to display the Assign applications to user dialog box.
  6. In this dialog box, specify the application licenses that are to be granted by default to all imported users.
  7. Click OK to close this dialog box.
  8. Select the Enable Web Console Access check box if imported users are to be granted VMP Web Console access by default.
  9. Select the Automatically send email registration check box to automatically email registration instructions to all imported users.