Importing Users From Vocera Voice Server

If you plan to integrate the VMP Server with a Vocera Voice Server, you must import the Vocera Voice Server users into the VMP Server.

Note: See Vocera Voice Server Integration for information on integrating the VMP Server with a Vocera Voice Server.
Important: If you are using the email address field to match Vocera Voice Server users with VMP users, ensure that each Vocera Voice Server user has an email address defined. This prevents duplicate user entries. This does not apply if you are matching Vocera Voice Server user IDs to Active Directory fields.
Note: If a Vocera Voice Server user has been linked to a Vocera Secure Texting account, this user cannot access the Vocera Collaboration Suite.
  1. Select Users & Groups > Users.
  2. Click Synchronization in the Users view.
  3. If you have previously imported one or more sources into the VMP Server, the Reconfigure/Synchronize only window appears. Select Yes, reconfigure settings and click Next.
  4. In the User Synchronization dialog, click Add primary source with users (under Sources).
  5. Select Vocera from the Source type dropdown list. This selection auto-populates the Title field. You can accept the default title or customize the title.
  6. Set Import departments as groups to Yes if you want to import Vocera Voice Server departments into the VMP Server as VMP groups.
    Note: The availability of this feature depends on the Vocera Voice Server version that you have installed.
  7. Optionally specify the import source options described in Specifying Source Importing Options.
  8. Click OK to close the dialog.
  9. Follow the steps in Synchronizing Users and Contacts to synchronize the Vocera Voice Server users and contacts with the VMP Server.