Importing Contacts From a Vocera Voice Server Address Book

If you have stored contacts in an address book on the Vocera Voice Server, you can import them into VMP. This enables you to access these contacts from the VMP Web Console or Vocera Collaboration Suite.

To import contacts from a Vocera Voice Server address book:
  1. Select the Contacts module, and select Contact Sources.
  2. Select New and choose New Contact Source.
  3. Enter a name for the new source, select the Associated with remote source checkbox, and click Next.
  4. If you want the VMP Server to be synchronized with this source:
    1. Select the Automatic synchronization checkbox.
    2. Select whether you want to synchronize every few hours, daily, or weekly, and then select the time period or time at which synchronization is to take place.
  5. If the Vocera source is not included in the list of contact sources, click Add primary source with contacts.
  6. In the Add Primary Source With Contacts window, in the Source type dropdown list, select Vocera.

    Click OK. In the Remote Sources window, click Next. The Field Mapping window appears.

  7. In the Field Mapping window, locate the Fields Mapping table at the bottom of the window. In the User Key column, ensure that the checkbox in the Email row is selected.
  8. In the Key column, select the checkboxes in the First Name, Last Name, and Email rows, as shown below. Then, scroll down to Business Phone and select this checkbox also. These define the unique key that will be used to identify each address book entry.

    If your site uses pagers, scroll to the Pager checkbox and select it also.

    Setting these key entries is the best practice for most deployment models. Check your Vocera Voice Server address book to see what model works best for you.

  9. Click Finish to start synchronizing the address book.
  10. Confirm that the synchronization is successful and click OK to close the dialog.