Importing Users From Active Directory

The VMP Server can synchronize with an Active Directory or an Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service to import Organizational Units, security groups, and Distribution Lists. When an import is complete, VMP has the ability to convert the Organizational Units to VMP Distribution Lists.

  1. Select Users & Groups > Users.
  2. Click Synchronization in the Users view.
  3. If you have previously imported one or more sources into the VMP Server, the Reconfigure/Synchronize only window appears. Select Yes, reconfigure settings and click Next.
  4. In the User Synchronization dialog, click Add primary source with users (under Sources).
  5. Select one of the following from the Source Type dropdown list:
    • Select Active Directory LDS if you are using an Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service.

    • Select Active Directory if you are using a standard Active Directory service.

    This selection auto-populates the Title field. You can accept the default title or customize the title.
    Note: You cannot add both an Active Directory source and an Active Directory LDS source.
  6. In the Connection Parameters section, enter the Active Directory or Active Directory LDS credentials.

    Note: The Active Directory server, port, and SSL connectivity information supplied here must match the information supplied when installing VMP or in the VMP Enterprise Manager configuration options. See Configuring VMP for Active Directory for more details.

    For the Active Directory LDS source, you must provide the following additional fields:

    • Naming Context: The Active Directory LDS naming context that contains the groups and users that you want to synchronize with VMP.

      Select a naming context from the list provided.

    • Domain Mapping: The domain name mapping to use, in the format = MYDOMAIN.

      For example, if your Active Directory LDS source users have email addresses such as, the domain mapping = VOCERADOMAIN

      indicates that these addresses can be accessed as VOCERADOMAIN\user, which is the format that the VMP Server requires.

      Note: The service account that connects to LDS must have reader access for the default naming context.
  7. Configure the following options using their associated dropdown lists:
    • Sync Organization Units
    • Sync Security Groups
    • Sync Distribution Groups
  8. Optionally specify the import source options described in Specifying Source Importing Options.
  9. Click OK to close the dialog.
  10. Follow the steps in Synchronizing Users and Contacts to synchronize the Vocera Voice Server users and contacts with the VMP Server.