Enabling VST Message Exchange

You can configure the VMP Server to enable messages and images to be exchanged between Vocera Collaboration Suite users and VST users.

When this capability is enabled, VST users are automatically imported from the VST cloud server into the VMP Server.

Important: VST 2.1 or later is required. If you have previously installed the VST Sync Connector in your on-premises network, you must uninstall it before enabling VST message exchange on the VMP Server. See the VST Hospital Administrator Guide for information on upgrading existing VST integrations.
  1. Start the VMP Administrator.
  2. Select Configuration > System Options.

    The System Options dialog box appears.

  3. Scroll to the Integrations section, and then to the Vocera Secure Texting App - Message Exchange subsection.
  4. Set the Enabled field to Yes.
  5. In the User ID field, type the ID that the VST cloud server uses to identify the connected Vocera organization.
  6. In the Shared Key field, type the key that authenticates the connection between the VST cloud server and the connected Vocera organization.
  7. In the Manage VST Contacts field, select Voice to manage your VST contacts on the Vocera Voice Server, or select VMP to manage your VST contacts on the VMP Server.
    If you are managing your VST contacts on the VMP Server, VMP creates the VSTContacts distribution list to contain them.
  8. Click OK to save your changes.
  9. On the computer on which the VMP Server is running, ensure that outgoing connections on port 443 are not blocked by your firewall. The VMP Server uses this port to transmit information to the VST server.

The User ID and Shared Key fields are generated from the VST Administration Console. See the VST Vocera Administrator Guide for more details.

When the VMP Server synchronizes with the VST cloud server, all VST users on the cloud server are imported into the VMP Server as VMP users. These users also automatically become members of the VST Users Distribution List. To control which VMP users can view these VST users as contacts, specify access permissions on this Distribution List. See Managing Access to a Distribution List for more details.