Editing a Messaging Template

You can edit any Messaging Template that you have created.

  1. In the VMP Administrator, select Messaging > Messaging Templates.
  2. Highlight the Messaging Template that you want to edit and click Edit.
  3. Click > to add users and Distribution Lists to the list of recipients, or click < to remove them.

    When you have finished adding users and Distribution Lists, click Next.

    Note: The list of recipients can include only one Escalation Distribution List.
  4. Edit the messaging options as needed, and click Next when finished.
    Note: For more information on these options, see Creating Messaging Templates.
  5. If you selected Multiple Choice Responses, you can update the response options.

    Click Add to add a response. Type the text of the response in the dialog box provided, and click OK.

    Click Edit to edit a response that you have created.

    Click Delete to delete a response that you have created.

    To rearrange the responses, click a response to highlight it. Click Move Up to move the response up in the list.

    Click Move Down to move the response down. Repeat Move Up and Move Down until the responses are in the order that you want.

    Click Next when you have finished updating message options.

  6. To update the list of users or groups that can access the Messaging Template:
    1. To add a user or group, highlight it in the left pane of the Template Access dialog and click >.
    2. To remove a user or group, highlight it in the right pane and click <.
  7. Click Finish when you have finished editing the Messaging Template.