Creating a Conversations Report

You can generate a report that displays the conversations or text messages for any user or group of users.

  1. Open the VMP Administrator application and select Reports > Messaging.
  2. In the Reports pane, click Conversations. The Conversations Report window opens.
  3. Click the Participants tab.
  4. From the dropdown list that appears, select All to show all conversations, or select Filtered by User / Distribution List to specify the users whose conversations are to be displayed.
    1. If you have selected Filtered by User / Distribution List, a list of users is displayed. Select the users whose conversations are to appear in the report.
  5. Click the Main tab.
  6. In the Date section, in the From field, select the start date for which conversations are to be displayed. The default is midnight at the start of today's date.
  7. In the To field, select the end date for conversations. The default is midnight at the start of the next day's date.
  8. In the Message contains field, optionally type search criteria. If you specify any search criteria, only conversations that contain the search text are displayed.
  9. From the Participant(s) dropdown list, select one of the following:
    • Include Conversations with all of the selected participants
    • Include Conversations with at least one selected participant
    These are the participants that you selected in the Participants tab.
  10. From the Display dropdown list, select how the displayed conversations are to be organized. Select either Group by conversation or Sort by timestamp.
  11. From the Show Multiple Choice Responses dropdown list, select how multiple choice responses are to be displayed. Select either Group by question and responses or As part of conversation.
  12. Select the Include Chat images checkbox to include images sent in a conversation as part of the conversation report.
  13. Select the Show patient context information checkbox to include the patient context of the conversation if it exists.
  14. Click Generate to generate the conversations report.