Configuring the VMP License

Before you can use the VMP Server, you must install a valid license. You can do this from the VMP Enterprise Manager.

  1. Start the VMP Enterprise Manager application:
    All Programs > VMP > VMP Enterprise Manager
  2. Click the Instances icon.

    The Connect To SQL Server dialog box appears.

  3. Type the SQL Server administrator credentials.

    The Instances window appears.

    Note: For more information about the SQL Server credential requirements, see the Vocera Messaging Platform Server Sizing Guide.
  4. In the Licenses tab, select the Install License button.
  5. Navigate to the license file and click Open.
    Note: The license file is provided by the Vocera order management team. The file is distributed as a zip file. Extract the license file before you begin the installation.

    Note that the license file is changed to an XML format. See The XML License Key Format for more details.

  6. Click OK to close the install dialog.

The Modules panel displays the details of your license. In particular, note that the PagerInboundEmail, PagerInboundSOAP, and PagerInboundWCTP fields specify whether your VMP Server is licensed to use any of the inbound Email, SOAP, and WCTP connections, respectively.

These fields are set to Yes only if your license has enabled them. See Inbound Integration for more information on inbound connections.