Retrieving Application Logs

From the VMP Administrator, you can retrieve application logs for any VCS user for which a device ID has been specified. This enables you to respond quickly if a problem is detected.

Note: To use this capability, your devices must be using version 3.2 or later of VCS.
  1. From the VMP Administrator, select Users & Groups > Users.
  2. In the Users pane, click the name of the user for which you want to retrieve the application logs.
  3. In the toolbar, from the User preferences dropdown list, select Retrieve Application Logs. The Retrieve Application Logs dialog box appears.
    The Retrieve Application Logs option is available only when a Device ID has been specified for the user.
  4. In the Notification email address field, optionally type the email address to which to send a notification that logs are available.
  5. Click OK to upload the client logs to the VMP Server. These logs are stored in the WIC\Logs subfolder of the folder in which you have installed VMP.
Important: Logs are retrieved without notifying the user. It is your responsibility to create and implement suitable policies to ensure that your use of this capability does not violate applicable laws. For example, you may need to obtain a waiver of privacy rights from employees who use Vocera Collaboration Suite as part of their employment.