About Importing and Synchronizing

Use the VMP Administrator to import users and contacts into the VMP Server from one or more sources.

If a user with the same email address, Public ID, Pager ID or Vocera ID is imported from multiple sources, the VMP Server merges the information from these sources into a single VMP user entry.

Note: A user and a contact are linked if the email address is the same for both.

You can import from any or all of the following sources:

You can synchronize the VMP Server with its sources to ensure that the list of users and contacts is kept up to date. You can start the synchronization process manually, or configure the VMP Server to synchronize at regular intervals.

Vocera Secure Texting users are automatically imported when VST message exchange is enabled. See Enabling VST Message Exchange for more details.

Attention: Each user or contact on the VMP Server must have a unique email address, Public ID, Pager ID, or Vocera ID, as these fields are used as key fields. If multiple users or contacts have the same email address, Public ID, Pager ID, or Vocera ID, the VMP Server may not operate as expected.
Tip: You can customize the field mappings that the VMP Server will use when importing users or contacts. For details about source field mapping, see About User Field Editing and About Contact Fields.
Note: BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) sources are included in the list of available source types, but are no longer supported.