About Distribution Lists

In VMP, a Distribution List (DL) is a list of users. You can send a message to an entire DL, use a DL to set up an on-call roster, or create an Escalation Distribution List to ensure that your message is escalated if it is not seen by its initial recipients.

When you create a DL, you specify whether it is to be a Regular Distribution List or an Escalation Distribution List. An On-Call Distribution List, which you can use to create an on-call roster, is a special type of Regular Distribution List.

To display a list of all defined DLs, open the VMP Administrator application and select Messaging > Distribution Lists. The Distribution List - Users view appears.

In this view, On-Call Distribution Lists have the prefix [On-Call], and Escalation Distribution Lists have the prefix [Escalation]. All other DLs are Regular Distribution Lists.

VMP automatically creates the following DLs:

Note: VMP also enables you to define Contacts Distribution Lists, which are lists of contacts. See Creating a Contacts Distribution List for more details.