Vocera Client Gateway Site Awareness

In a multi-site environment, the Vocera Collaboration Suite client provides information to the VMP Server to determine the location of the Vocera Client Gateway servers to use when making calls. This ensures that calls do not have to traverse multiple network hops.

When a VCS client first registers with the VMP Server, it presents information to the server to register the client's location. The VMP Server then determines which Vocera Client Gateway servers are closest to this client's location. If necessary, the VMP Server communicates with the Vocera Voice Server to obtain this location information.

After receiving this location information, the VCS client uses it to determine which Vocera Client Gateway server to use. If the closest Vocera Client Gateway server is unavailable, the next closest is used, until the list is exhausted.

If the Vocera Collaboration Suite client is an older version, and does not provide any location information, the VMP Server provides a default set of Vocera Client Gateway server addresses to use. This list of servers is obtained from the Vocera Voice Server.

For more information on locations, see the documentation on locations in the Vocera Voice Server Administration Console Guide.