Configuring Calling Party Number Prefixes for Incoming Calls

Use the PrefixCallerID properties to add a prefix to the calling party number for incoming calls.

The vstgproperties.txt file supports the following properties that you can use to add a prefix to the calling party number for incoming calls. These properties may be needed for PBXs that use E.164 numbering plans. The new prefixed number is the calling party number that the Vocera system uses to match for caller ID purposes for Vocera Access Anywhere.

These properties are commented out by default, but you can uncomment them and modify them. Enter the same number of values for each property. As with trunk access codes (TACs), use a forward slash (/) as a separator character. Both properties are limited to 256 characters.

The following table describes the supported PrefixCallerID properties:




Specify dialplan entries to match against a calling party number. Numbers match at the beginning of each specified dialplan entry, with each subsequent "x" character standing for an actual digit. You may enter dashes (which are ignored) for readability, but not parentheses. Vocera matches an incoming number with the first appropriate dialplan entry going from left to right.


Specify the prefix for the corresponding dialplan entry.

VTGPrefixCallerIDIncomingINVITEMatch =  2xx-xxxx / 33x-xxxx / 408-xxx-xxxx / 
VTGPrefixCallerIDIncomingINVITE      =  0 / 00 / 001 / 76
In the above example, the dialplan entries for the VTGPrefixCallerIDIncomingINVITEMatch property are shown on two lines to fit on this page, but they should appear on one line in the vstgproperties.txt file. In the example, the following prefixes are used: