Configuring Caller Information

You can configure CallerInfo properties to include caller information.

When calling out through Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway , caller information can be included in the From header of the INVITE message. For example, a From header might look something like:

From: Doctor Jankis <>; tag=023874593485734

In this example, the display name is Doctor Jankis and the user part of the From URI (the calling party number) is 4085559898.

In the Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway, the display name and the calling party number values can be set in different ways depending on the Vocera configuration.




Whether to use the caller information contained in the Dial signal from the Voice Service. The default is FALSE.


The user part of the From URI to include in the INVITE message. If there is no Calling Party Number specified in the Telephony-Basic Information >SIP Settings > Calling Party Number field in the Web Console, you can specify an alternative calling party number here. The default is 8005551212.


The display name part of the From URI to include in the INVITE message. If the display name of the caller cannot be identified from the caller ID, this display name will be used instead. The default is "Vocera."