Working with Phone Numbers

Learn how the Voice Service works with Telephony service to facilitate phone calls between a Vocera device and an outside line or a voicemail.

When a user issues a voice command to dial a telephone number, or when Vocera forwards a Vocera device call to a telephone or to voicemail, the Voice Service sends a sequence of digits to the Telephony service. In addition to the phone number itself, the sequence can contain access codes needed to obtain an outside line, to authorize a long distance call, or to access company voicemail.

You can enter phone numbers, extensions, and access codes in various configuration fields in the Vocera Platform Web Console. For example, when you add a user to the Vocera system, you can specify the user's desk extension, cell phone number, pager number, and home phone number. Users can also enter or update this information in theVocera Platform My Profile. For more information, refer to Vocera Platform My Profile Guide available on the Vocera Documentation Portal.

A field that requires a phone number, an extension, or an access code may contain any of the following characters:

Note: Vocera ignores any other character that you enter in these fields. For example, you can enter (408) 790-4100, to make a number more readable, instead of 4087904100. Vocera ignores the extra spaces, dashes, and parentheses when the number is actually dialed.