Telephony Logs

Navigate to Audit Log in Status section of theVocera Platform Web Console to view telephony logs.

You can click on Components in the Audit Log page to display a dropdown list of adapter services configured for your enviroment. To view Telephony service logs, select the Telephony checkbox from this list.

The following screenshot displays the adapter services checkbox that you can select to filter the logs specific to Telephony service:

When you select the Telephony checkbox, the system filters the Telephony logs and displays logs specific to Telephony service.

For more information on using the Audit Log features, refer to the "Audit Log" section in the Vocera Platform Administration Guide available on the Vocera Documentation Portal.
Note: If you need a collection of Telephony logs, contact Vocera Technical Support.

For information on configuring Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway logs, see Configuring VSTG Logging