Telephony in a Multi-Facility Environment

Telephony is supported in multiple facility environment.

A single Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway (VSTG) can service multiple facilities.

The VSTG uses a SIP trunk to communicate with a PBX. You must install and configure a VSTG for each PBX that Vocera will use. When your Vocera deployment supports multiple facilities, you can accommodate any of the following configurations:

If any facility—including the Global facility—does not have telephony enabled or does not share a PBX with a principal facility, the facility will not have telephony access.

You can configure VSTGs in a cluster configuration for a different facility, other than Global, provided both VSTGs are in the same facility.

Note: Vocera recommends that you discuss configuring an associated facility (if not Global) with a Vocera Technical Support team member.