Connecting to a Facility to Use Its Telephony Service

The telephony service facilitates connectivity to another facility.

When you use the "Connect to <facility name>" voice command to connect to another Vocera facility, the telephony service and PBX that are used (when you make telephone calls) depends on whether you are dialing an extension or an outside number. If you are:

For example, if your company has facilities in Los Angeles and New York and your home facility is Los Angeles, you can say the command "Connect to New York" to connect to that facility. Once you are connected, you can then say "Dial extension 3145". The Voice Service uses the telephony service for that facility to dial the local extension.

If the facility that you connect to does not have its own Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway and instead shares the telephony service at another facility, then calls are made through the shared telephony service. When you set up shared telephony for a facility, you can specify the prefix of the dial string used to place calls through a tie line to the facility. This tie line prefix allows you to dial extensions at the remote facility even though the facility does not have its own Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway Server. For more information, see Shared Telephony Configuration.