About Vocera Dialing Sequence

Vocera sends a sequence of digits to the phone system to dial a number when a user issues a voice command to dial a phone number or forward a badge call to a telephone or to voice mail.

In addition to the phone number itself, the sequence may contain the access codes needed to obtain an outside line (such as a 9), to dial long distance (such as a 9 followed by a 1), or to access company voice mail.

You do not enter these access codes as part of a phone number. You set up these access codes for your entire organization, and Vocera adds them to phone numbers as necessary before dialing. For example, the following figure shows the flow of events that occur when a badge user places a long distance call to a person who is listed in a contact entry.

Placing a long distance call

In this situation, the following events occur:

  1. Dr. Gupta tells the Genie to call Dr. Smith.

    The Voice Service finds Dr. Smith’s telephone number in the Contacts, then adds long distance access codes to the dial string because Dr. Smith’s area code is different from the local area code.

  2. The Voice Service tells the Telephony service to dial the number.

  3. The Telephony service dials the number.