Using UDP or TCP Transport to the IP PBX

By default, VSTG uses UDP to send SIP packets to the IP PBX. You can configure Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway to use TCP transport instead.

The following table describes the SIP transport property details:




Specifies the transport protocol used to send SIP packets to the IP PBX. Specify udp (the default) or tcp.

You can enter a comma-delimited list of values to support multiple transport types. The first value in the list denotes the transport protocol for outgoing calls. All values in the list denote supported protocols for incoming calls. Also, the calls can originate from different PBX trunks. If you specify TCP or UDP, both TCP and UDP are supported.

Here's an example:

VTGSipTransport = tcp

This means that all outgoing calls use TCP transport, but incoming calls can use TCP or UDP transport.