Modifying Properties

You can make changes to the vstgproperties.txt file and modify Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway properties.

Important: We recommend that you contact Vocera Technical Support for implementing any modifications to the vstgproperties.txt file.

To modify the VSTG properties, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to your Vocera Platform server via SSH, and navigate to /opt/vocera/bin/vstgproperties.txt
  2. Use the cat command to open and view the vstgproperties.txt file.
  3. Make changes to properties in the text file using the vi command.
    You can use the i command to insert or the u command to update the information in the text file.

    You can use the Esc key from your keyboard to exit the edit mode.

  4. Save the file and quit the editor using the :wq command.
  5. Restart the Telephony service from the Web Console to load the revised settings.
    For information on restarting the telephony service, see Restarting Telephony Adapter Services.