Enabling Telephony

Enable telephony for a specific facility from the Vocera Platform Web Console .

Telephony features are disabled by default. Enabling telephony features allows you to configure information required for your phone system to communicate with Vocera.
  1. Navigate to Facilities in the Manage section of the navigation bar.
  2. Select an existing facility or create a new facility to enable telephony configuration.
  3. If you enabling telephony for an existing facility, click Edit Facility
    The Edit Facility page displays
  4. Click the Telephony configuration section and click the drop down arrow at the right hand side to expand this section.
    The Enable Telephony Integration checkbox displays.
  5. Select the Enable Telephony Integration checkbox
    The following telephony configuration sections display:
    • Telephony - Basic Information
    • Telephony - Access Code Exceptions
    • Telephony - Toll Exceptions
    • Telephony - DID Information
    • Telephony - PINs
    • Telephony - Dynamic Extensions
    • Telephony - Sharing
  6. Click Save in the Edit Facility page to update the facility information in the system.