Duration of Dynamic Extensions

You can determine whether users will lease dynamic extension for a specified duration or keep the dynamic extensions permanently.

When an assigned extension reaches the end of its lease period, it expires and you can reassign this extension to another user.

However, Vocera avoids reassigning a dynamic extension as long as possible, even after it expires, in a manner analogous to a DHCP server assigning IP addresses:

As Vocera assigns dynamic extensions, they appear in the Dynamic Extension field on the Phone page of the Add/Edit User dialog box. The Dynamic Extension field is read-only and is displayed for informational purposes only. As extensions are renewed and expire, Vocera automatically updates this field.

Because extensions are assigned on-demand, the Dynamic Extension field may be empty even after you enable the dynamic extensions feature. Similarly, the Dynamic Extension field will continue to display an expired number that has not been reassigned, indicating that the user will keep the number as long as it is available.