Disabling Telephony

Disable telephony integration for a specific facility.

The telephony feature is disabled by default. If you have a facility with telephony feature enabled and you wish to disable telephony features for this facility, you can do it from the Web Console.

When you disable telephony integration, Vocera saves your telephony settings but disables communication to the PBX.

  1. Navigate to Facilities in the Manage section of the navigation bar
  2. Locate the facility for which you want to disable the telephony features.
  3. Click the Options button in the far right of this facility.
    The Edit Facility page displays with configuration fields and data related to these configuration fields.
  4. Scroll down to Telephony-Basic Information section and uncheck Enable Telephony Integration.
    The system displays a confirmation message to confirm if you want to disable telephony integration for the selected facility.

  5. Choose one of the following to close the dialog:
    • Yes — to confirm the disable action.
    • (optional) No — to cancel the disable action and return to the Edit Facility page.
  6. Click Save to update the facility for the configuration changes.